Branding is more than skin deep. It's about establishing why people should follow you as a leader. Every entrepreneur starts a business with the hope of impacting the market. The challenge is how.

Discover and Assess.


It’s equally important to understand your idea before identifying your future goals. Together we will discover three major things; first is the problem you want to solve, second is your concept and third the motivation behind it.



The final phase is visualizing the brand strategy into reality. Each phase leading to this point builds a deeper purpose behind our design.



This is where your brand vision overcomes any potential market and cultural obstacles. We believe that a brand strategy is going beyond the "why" behind your brand and into the "what are you going to do about it". The actions you make is the balance between trusting your vision and preparing for the unexpected to happen.



The purpose of this phase is to assess and refine all the all that we discovered. A brand assessment is a growth plan assessment. This is the single most important step before developing a brand strategy - focusing on the right pieces so when they “fall” into the right place.


Brand Strategy

Logo Design

Name Design

Content Strategy


Art Direction