Who is Stuck?

Stuck was founded in the summer of 2008 with an ambition to be a true branding studio. We are certain that a brand is more than a logo, a mission statement or even any corporate manifesto. To us, brand is changing people’s perspectives - to become unforgettable, impactful, and to elevate culture to a higher place.


We started like all start-up studios - branding logos and websites for small businesses. Our start-up years were the hallmark of developing our own branding process and methodologies. 

In 2012, we expanded into Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Manila to brand medium sized businesses. In Asia, we experienced many clients who were preparing for succession. Part of that process included the necessity for rebranding. Through our consultation, design, and management, we helped our clients merge their business with their brand into a single strategic purpose with spearheaded momentum towards future goals.



“Brands are cultural”

We strongly believe that meaningful relationships built on trust and honour will unify corporate culture. Brand development is really a term that describes your effectiveness to relate and influence others. Why? Because brands are designed to create new cultural standards.