Don't draw the eyes first.

He started with the heavens and the earth. I’ve always loved how creation started with this opening statement. The fact that He openly displayed His step by step creation process from the heavens to Adam fascinates me. I believe that in the beginning, God had designed the creative process blueprint that everyone will model after.


My mistake looked like a boat. This was my first class with Kenson and I had to draw a boat from a picture. The mistake happened when I focused on the small details before I outlined the general composition of the boat. The problem I faced was by the time I needed to draw the boat, all the small details were in the wrong places. At the end, my boat was completely out of portion and I ended up starting all over again. The lesson here is to first draw the general composition correctly then focus on the details within otherwise.


Creative process is taking broad concepts to detailed execution. Although many creatives have their own unique approach but I believe that Genesis 1 is the model we all follow. God systematically created smaller and more detail creations by the day. The first day He created the heavens and by the sixth day He created man. God didn’t create out of randomness, He had a process, it was structured and disciplined. He went from big concepts and ideas to the small details and His execution was perfect.


Creativity starts with big concepts and ideas that moves towards the small details gradually. I would often say to my students, "Don't draw the eyes first. Start with the head. It'll save you time and heartache.” I say this in hopes to help them follow the creative process and when the times for them see what they’ve created, they can all say “that is good.”