Daniel Chen

Daniel Chen is the Founder and Create Art Director of Stuck Studios: a design company that links brand leadership to brand strategy. He is a formidable brand prophet that has accurately predicted the outcome of 90% of his clients. His insights have helped local brands and international brands from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Manila.

Before Stuck Studios, Daniel was a Co-Founder and Lead Designer at Nova Foods Services, a catering company focused on delivering healthy lunches to local elementary schools. He helped them grow from 25 meals a day to 1000 meals.

Daniel is also an active mentor for young emerging designers and creatives. He’s coached and consulted business account managers at TD Bank. He was also nominated for the Richmond Chambers of Commerce’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Currently, he’s an active member at the Burnaby Board of Trade and Startup Grind Richmond.

Daniel has been a featured speaker at multiple YVR Internet Masterminds, Richmond Chamber of Commerce, and Startup Grind.

Noble Pursuits

Life long learner
Cultural thinker
Designer Entrepreneur

Previous clients include

Whistler Water
Soo Jerky



Emily Carr University of Art and Design
Mix Media
Graduating from Emily Carr revealed to him that discovering his “voice” is a journey. It was clear that he had no idea who he was and what my his will become. He graduated in Mixed Media with a minor in Industrial Design.
Pill Image Design Group Inc.
Co-Founder, Designer
His first design business with two partners. Needless to say, it ended. The biggest lesson for him was to start a company with partners that complimented each other’s skillsets. Pill Image was three designers essentially with identical roles.
Co-Founder, Head Designer
His second attempt to start a business. Whycook.ca was an online restaurant marketing platform that competed with OpenTable. I helped grow from 5 restaurant subscriptions to 150 restaurants. Whycook.ca ended with core members pursuing different individual goals. He moved onto starting a catering business.
Nove Foods Services
Manager, Lead Designer
Nova Foods is a catering company that served local elementary schools across the Lower Mainland. He helped expand the company from 5 schools to over 50 schools in a couple of years. During this time, he shifted away from design into operations and management.
Open Art Room
Co-Founder, Teacher
Open Art Room was a passion project to teach people to harness their hidden creativity. Together with Justin Liu, they set up a small art studio in Richmond. 100% of their senior students have successfully enrolled into Emily Carr University of Art and Design.
Stuck Studios Inc.
Founder, Art Director
This has been his life for over a decade. Stuck is his default outlet to define his art, his point of view, and discovering who he am. Since the beginning, Stuck has worked on brands in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Manila.