Founded in 2008, Stuck is a Vancouver based branding studio. Brand design extends beyond letters, shapes and colour. It’s an experience that connects us together with ourselves and to our environment. That is why we treat our designs like a story. A good story makes us want to connect with it, learn it, and share it.

We are passionate about ideas that improve people’s lives. We believe that brands have a dutiful responsibility to serve people into a better state because brands that serve well will lead well. This is our hope and vision for every brand–to lead by their willingness to serve.

our design philosophy

1 ∖ Create the language, form the message.
2 ∖ Make it understandable.
3 ∖ Make it meaningful.
4 ∖ Give it life.
5 ∖ Keep it alive.


Burnaby, British Columbia


Justin Liu – Web Designer


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