We wanted the brand to be very modern and minimalistic. Modulated headphone will have many moving parts which can be confusing. If our design was minimal with clear messaging, it can establish a powerful design language that can uniform their brand.

Name Design

Part of Theresa and Shawn's story was to personalize your headphones to reflect your personal style. Their idea was to create a modulated headphone where it can be customized to each individual–not only in sound but also in style.

We wanted to connect people with sound & identity.

How is the world connected?

Our research lead us to chemistry and physics where we learn about the building blocks that form the world we live.


Sounds like you.

identity Design



identity Design

The visual style of science is beautiful. It's balances structure, information and identification really well. Co+Qo borrowed these visual cues as part of it's identity design. The challenge was to design an icon that looks like science while being unique.

1 – Icon references
2 – Unifying design language


We knew that Co+Qo would have a complex product lineup. Using colour as a visual organizer in packaging design can greatly increase awareness with buyers. With this in mind, we wanted Co+Qo to have a neutral official brand colour–grey. This allows us to apply and adopt multiple colours to the brand while staying consistent.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design


Co+Qo's modulated concept created 2 challenges.

One: Create a headphone with standard components as a set.

Two: Each component can become a stand-alone product.

In order to accomplish this, we need to design a modulated packaging system that matches their headphone components.

3 – Modulated concept


Name Design
Identity Design





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