Beginning Process

Beginning Process


The original logo looked like clipart. This was a motivating factor in ZB rebranding. Visual style reference and typography–Acumin Pro. We had a distinct visual style for ZB being bold, simple and impactful. We wanted to step away from a typical financial feeling, instead we focused on geometric shapes. Understanding ZB Capital's Chinese name. Each letter has a meaning and when translated, it helps us define key words to describe them.

1 – Original design

Logo Design



Logo Design

We successfully created a mark that you can recognize the letters Z and B while having meaning beyond the letters. Constructing the identity mark. Our style of design involves a technical aspect as well as beauty. We make sure that our shapes and lines are intentional and with purpose. This approach creates a balanced identity mark.

2 – The thought process in designing the mark.
3– Corner details


Logo design


Hong Kong & China

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