Moodboard + Name design

Moodboard + Name design

Cornerblock is the combination of cornerstore + cornerstone. Both are visually bold and we wanted a matching typography style.

CORNERSTORE – a store with extended opening hours and in a convenient location, stocking a limited range of household goods and groceries.

CORNERSTONE – an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based.

CORNERBLOCK – a chain of convenient stores in Hong Kong that sell speciality health foods and environmentally-friendly household and personal care products.

identity Design

identity Design

We built Cornerblock's identity around typography–AKKURAT. Our concept was "adaptability" and "neutrality" because the health food market is constantly changing. We didn't want the brand to pegged into a specific market, instead it should be able to adapt every market trend. Visually the identity is un-assuming but yet bold. The slogan "Change is around the corner" play on an evolving market.





We borrowed O2H's visual language to help transition into Cornerblock. The relaunch was at celebrate their 5 year anniversary.

1 – Well used Cornerblock canvas tote
2 – Icon graphics


Name Design

Art Direction

Logo Design

Graphic Design



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