style + mood

style + mood


Eatmeals has a cartoony aesthetic. Although this style is common in Asian markets, we felt that it was too generic. They also heavily use red as their brand colour. We felt that red was too strong of a colour. We pushed for a cleaner, sophisticated style instead. Our vision was to depend on good typography, layout and calmer colours.

1 – Eatmeals mascot
2– Corporate red

name design + story

name design + story

Eatmeals has the technology, logistic experience, fulfillment infrastructure for instant delivery. The question is, does Eatmeals need to stay within the Food & Beverage industry? Or can they expand to other markets like retail, second-hand resellers and peer to peer markets? If so, then how?


Change the brand to work in both Food & Beverage and other markets.

米  { mǐ }  noun: rice

Mǐ in Chinese means more than rice, it also means wealth and prosperity. This is a perfect metaphor because it's both a food and opportunity. Peer to peer markets creates entrepreneurship and businesses.

雲 ~ 云  { yún }  noun: cloud

Yún in technology means online or web. This new cultural meaning for "cloud" forms a clear connection to technology.

identity design


identity design

We like to begin our design process starting with typography. Finding the right font is a crucial foundation to establish the feeling of the identity. Because Miuin has both English and Chinese typography, both font choices needs to work together in harmony. We felt that rounding Futura hard corners plays well with our custom Chinese font.

3 – Shuowen Jiezi; Image


Name Design

Identity Design


Theresa Lin

Eric Li

Kenneth Yip

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