At first, the name "Biodura" is appropriate for the business. It combines two essential aspects of the business together; biodegradable + durable. However, we felt there was a better name that needed to be discovered.

If plastic can biodegrade, what sound would it make?

We started our process with a sound–the sound of plastic biodegrading. It was obvious that it wouldn't sound like Biodura, but what would it sound like? Instead, we pictured an empty bottle and the sound it would make being crushed.

Sprink   [sprin-kuhl]

Sprink sounds like Spring. Spring is when life renews itself, almost like the beginning of a new life cycle. What's also interesting is the technology used to turn plastic biodegradable is by adding (or sprinkling) an additive into the mixture. This additive breaks the molecular strands into shorter strands allowing micro-organisms to eat it.

spring / sprinkle / Sprinka

identity Design Process

identity Design Process

If all plastic in the world were biodegradable, then the recycle symbol for plastic will no longer be a thing.  In addition, there is no universal icon for "biodegradable". So the challenge is to design an icon that represents biodegradable while working with the recycle icon.

What if everything was a Sprinkathing?

Sprinka as a product is good. Sprinka as a technology is better. We understood that we cannot be the sole producer of biodegradable plastic for the planet. But we want to influence all producers to make biodegradable plastic. The future of Sprinka is to collaborate with other brands creating Sprinkathings.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

There are two primary markets for Sprinka.

  1. Packaging
  2. Single use products

Our design objective was to use Sprinka packaging for our single use products. Our packaging and product itself are biodegradable while showcasing innovative packaging solutions for any potential clients.

Sprinka party plates


Name Design
Identity Design




Dave Ko

Christopher Ling

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